Vehicle Advertising


  • Business supportYour business advertising in your chvice city                                                                                                                    Vehicle flax decoretion chardg extra                                                                                                                                                                    Patrol charg 50% EXTRA

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what is Vehicle advertising

Vehicle advertising best tick of any tipe business grwoth is verry low cost investment business staeblicmant trick you are

Business support

1- Your business advertising in your chvice city

2- Vehicle flax decoretion chardg extra

Advertising Attrection

1-City, Urban, Rural, Villeg, Disttic.,Bus stend, Relway stetion etc

2- Driver

3- 08 hours city advertising round servie

4- tata magic service 80km.perday  Extra Rs. 15.00 km. bronding Rs.20,00

Note -Aply your supporting making egy fullsupport Rate is minus plus  time to time changing rights service -mp . work                  order minimum  thouson Price Rate 100,000 pr month



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